Mentor Code of Conduct

By providing mentoring services on Mentor247.co, and in addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you hereby agree to this Mentor Code of Conduct.

  1. Trust and Confidentiality. Creating a sense of trust and confidentiality with your mentee is crucial for the success of the session. Imagine that you’re 007, and keep the sessions confidential. Sharing confidential information (or recording it) is not only against our Terms of Use, it also damages your client’s trust and your professionalism.

  2. Expectations. Imagine being blindfolded, with earplugs, and in a new place. This is what mentoring sessions feel like for some people, especially if they’ve never had a session before. We advise that at the beginning of each session, you align expectations and tell the mentee what to expect. We usually cover issues of (a) confidentiality, (b) expected results (this is where you should mention how many sessions are usually required), (c) the importance of being open and sharing information, and (d) a road map of how the session/program works.

  3. Your virtual background. Mentoring is a journey, but if your video-chat background features exotic beaches and palm trees, then it may cause your mentee to dream of vacations instead of focusing on the session. If your background is full of your weekend laundry, that won’t look too professional either. Keep your background clean from distractions and professional.

  4. Appropriate surroundings. We’re all busy, so there’s nothing more efficient than mentoring while driving somewhere. But that’s also unprofessional and will most likely end any chance of additional session. Be sure to be in a quiet place, with no distractions, put your phone on quiet and upside down, close other screens, and focus on your mentee.

  5. Internet Connection & technical requirements: There’s nothing like a good disappearing trick, but perhaps less so when it’s during a mentoring session. Please make sure that you have a good internet connection (it’s best to be connected by physical cable, not Wi-Fi or hotspot). Make sure that you have a working microphone, camera, and speakers (test everything at least 10 minutes before the session).

  6. Camera. We ask that you keep your camera on during the session. This is not only polite, but helps improve the interaction with your mentee, and allows the mentor to see how you respond to their advice (which improves the success of the session).

  7. Dress for success & Punctuality. Self-expression is important, but coaching in pajamas may give off a ‘I just rolled out of bed’ kind of vibe. We would appreciate it if you came to the meeting in appropriate clothes. As for punctuality, you’re being paid for your time, experience, and professionalism. Showing up late negatively reflects all of these. Kindly open the video chat at least 5-10 minutes before the session.

  8. Humor is welcome but remember that different cultures enjoy different types of humor, so be cautious when saying that old joke from high school.

  9. Languages & understanding. Not everyone has the same level of English. Speak slowly, clearly and leave out the fancy words. We also advise that you specifically tell the person that if they don’t understand something, not to be shy to ask you to repeat it.

  10. Listening and empathy. Even if you have the Batman suit in your closet, remember that we are all human and make mistakes, so accept your customers’ mistakes with understanding and patience. Make sure to show empathy and to listen before you rush to give solutions or advice. Sometimes people just want to be listened to.

  11. Be Nice. That’s it, nothing else to add here. 🙂

  12. How to start / end a session. It’s important to begin sessions with encouragement, especially if they are ongoing, and to end them with a call to action: “I look forward to hearing how it went”, or: “Feel free to schedule another session if you want to continue working on A and B”. We kindly remind you that scheduling sessions not through our platform will put you at risk (of not getting paid for example) and result in the deletion of your account.

We advise that at the beginning of the first session you mention the following:
1. That everything is confidential. 
2. Ask if it’s their first experience with coaching/mentoring, and if it is, share that it’s completely normal to feel that the process if a little bit strange. Afterall, they are expected to share personal issues with a complete stranger. Tell them that it’s ok, and that many people feel the same, but that the feeling goes away. Remember to always be supportive and not judgemental
3.Tell them the layout of the session/s – what they should expect. 

We’re sure that you will do great, and we’re here to help with anything you need (even coaching tips if you feel that you need some).

Good luck

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