Hi, I'm Kartik, a certified executive coach with a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational psychology.

My expertise lies in leadership development, team effectiveness, career coaching, and talent assessment. I hold several prestigious certifications, including Hogan Personality Assessments, Korn Ferry Leadership Solution, and Profiles International.

My journey into leadership development started with a hunger for knowledge and growth. Over my 18-year career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with leaders across diverse industries, helping them unlock their potential and achieve outstanding results.

My passion lies in shaping a world where leadership is a force for good. Witnessing transformations in leaders and organizations has been the pinnacle of my career, including a remarkable $150M sales increase in a global supply chain organization.

I am qualified to offer coaching on many topics, including:

·      Conflict Resolution. 

·      Career Advancement. 

·      Effective Communication

·      Boosting Employee Engagement.

·      Balancing Multiple Priorities and stress. 

·      Strategic Planning and Implementation.

·      Team Dysfunction and enhancing team collaboration.

·      Overcoming resistance to change within an organization.

·      Shaping and shifting organizational cultures.

·      Developing a strong leadership presence & influence.

·      Enhancing Time Management skills.

Beyond my professional pursuits, my family is my driving force. I envision a future where my children, and others like them, are surrounded by capable and effective leaders.

Together, we'll break barriers, unleash potential, and create a world where leadership is a force for positive change.

I am Looking forward to working with you!


Certified Executive Coach, Certifications in Leadership Assessments (Hogan Personality Assessments, Korn Ferry Leadership Solution, and Profiles International), PROSCI Change Management certification, Crucial Conversations certification

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