Hey there, I'm Or! :-)

I'm really excited to see you taking steps to make your life better, and just the way you want it.

I fell in love with Numerology many years ago after a personal crisis. Despite being a a certified life coach and despite consulting with other coachers, I couldn't find solutions to how I was feeling and what I was going through. In a leap of faith I consulted with a numerologist and was amazed at the level of accuracy and solutions to my personal problems.

It was then that I decided I was going to work in Numerology.

I studied with a Master in Numerology, and ever since have been teaching at his school and working with hundreds of people.

Today, I'm an experienced numerologist and tarot card reader. I've helped many people navigate relationships, careers, and all of the big questions that we're often haunted or curious about.

My focus is on uncovering what's holding you back and helping you reach those goals, in order to live the life that you deserve and have been dreaming about. I truly believe every moment is a chance to shake things up for the better!

Book a session and let's see what's in your cards!

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Why people love Or

Terry B

Dear Or, I just wanted to say thank you for always encouraging and showing me the right path. You always give me the right answers and the confidence that I need to do what needs to be done. You're amazing!

Michael Williams

I just wanted to update you that thanks to our session, I finally found that dream job (with a car!) and even more importantly, I've been in a relationship for the last 4 months - all exactly like you predicted! 1,000 thank yous!

Stephen G

Or - you need to tell people that you advice is 'once in a life time advice'. I've been to many so called readers and none have been able to tell me things as clearly as you did! I thank got that I found you!

Services Offered by Or

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