Hi, I'm Petchell.

I help people bring their visions to reality.

I'm most passionate about helping people know and use their talents, applying them to achieve their greatest vision and making their biggest impact. I do this through Executive and Leadership Coaching, Team and Leadership Development, and Strategic Priority Alignment.

I'm a dynamic certified coach with 20+ years of driving organizational effectiveness and leadership development in multifaceted roles and industries, as well as being an entrepreneur having started and built a successful retail business.

Through personalized coaching sessions, I provide support, guidance and actionable strategies for living your true self, creating a truly fulfilling life. I employ different coaching tools to encourage people to know their abilities, specifically Gallup Clifton Strengths talent assessment and exploratory conversations.

My style is energetic and thoughtful. In the process of developing your leadership, a critical piece is having self-awareness or insight. Research shows that the meta-skill of self-awareness is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, meaningful relationships and a fulfilling career.

I look forward to working with you to achieve the results you desire, to be the best leader you can be, and have the life you want to live!

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Why people love Petchell

Leanne S. (Author)

For the past several months, Petchell has served as my StrengthsFinder coach. Each session has been eye-opening with blessings that linger long after our conversation is over. She challenges me to bring my best and be my best. She asks all the right questions and has an uncanny way of helping me lock in on and refine my strengths while not getting tripped up by my weaknesses. I highly recommend Petchell

Giovanna B (CEO)

Petchell is powerful, caring and connects deeply with those around her. She is fearless and able to dive in and take on what many others may not, which has attributed to much of her success. Petchell is strong and kind and a great asset as a leader and coach to any organization.

Jean-Marie J. (CEO)

Petchell has great energy and uses it to champion her team's success. She's a detailed listener and creates space around her for people to jump in and bring their talents to the forefront. Petchell is results-oriented and willing to both give and receive feedback to course correct in real-time.

Services Offered by Petchell

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