Hi I’m Rachel,

I specialize in 3 main areas within the startup landscape:

  1. Business Development
  2. fundraising
  3. Networking

I have a diversified career spanning the complete startup landscape. I’ve gained a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on the industry - using that as a big advantage when mentoring startups.

Having over 13 years of experience working in one of Israel's most successful startups (Mobileye) which had the largest Israeli IPO in U.S. history. I also worked at a startup that failed, creating my own initiative, working in a large corporation and with a V.C. (Citi – which is one of the largest banks in the world). Additionally, I worked in a well-funded startup, which has given me an extremely unique perspective as to what makes a company successful.

I have countless experiences in numerous regions of the high-tech ecosystem. I bring incredible innovation and solutions when mentoring entrepreneurs.

Highly knowledgeable in Business Development, fundraising, networking, and leadership. I have an eye for what works in order to bring success to a company.

I look forward to helping you with your startup in our sessions.

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Why people love Rachel

Laurence De Winter

I truly think Rachel is a fabulous mentor, and it's so natural for her!

Golda Schreiber

Rachel has been an unbelievable resource, connecting me with people I didn't have access to. So grateful for all of her help.

Daniel Sakhai

Rachel- You've been extremely helpful from the second we met. From feedback on our product, our pitch deck, and introducing me to relevant investors and even customers. Thanks for everything!

Services Offered by Rachel

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