Career and Executive Coaching

Career and executive coaching

Stuck or Frustrated with your career? Want to be the Leader you know that you can be?
Take advantage of our 1-on-1 Mentors sessions and achieve the success you deserve.

3 easy steps

Select one of our expert Mentors

Pick one of the valuable services, and choose a convenient time slot for your sessions.

Connect with the mentor via video chat and let the magic begin

Happy to provide this review! Booking a session took me 3 minutes flat, mentor was a rock star and
the customer support was VIP. I’m definitely coming back – soon!

Ryan Mckenny
Category: Career Development

I wasn’t sure about talking about my personal relationship, but after browsing the website, I found someone really nice!
She was really helpful, showed empathy, and helped me understand things much better!

Tessa Mason
Category: Love and Relationships

I’ve always dreamed of talking to a fortune teller but wanted someone I could trust. Within 4 minutes I’d already booked a session and had an eye opening tarot card session which was a lot of fun. I’ve already booked the next session. Thank you!
Jenny Cardiff
Category: Astrology and Fortune Telling

One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. The website was easy to use, support was incredible (got a response from support within the hour), and the 2 sessions that I had were well worth the money! Definitely coming back
Simon Weller
Category: Astrology and Fortune Telling.

Carmit was a legend. I’ve missed 2 promotions and was about to quit. Carmit made everything seem so simple, and after 3 sessions I was in an entirely different state of mind with actionable goals. Don’t think twice, book – it will change your life!
Emily Stephenson
Category: Leadership and Career Mentoring

Choose your mentor!

Carmit Ben David

Carmit Ben David


Career & Executive Coach - Empowering Your Career Path.

Assaf BD

Assaf BD


Award Winning Leadership, Career & Startup Mentor with over 10 years of experience.

Kartik Bhavsar

Kartik Bhavsar


Certified Executive & Leadership Coach with 18 years of experience

Danielle White

Danielle White


Organizational Development Expert with 20 Years of Elevating Talent & Driving Performance

Christa Downey

Christa Downey


Certified Executive and Leadership Coach with 20 years experience

Petchell Luepke

Petchell Luepke


Certified Leadership Coach with 20 years executive management and entrepreneurial experience

Ever felt stuck in your career path? Our platform connects you with experienced mentors specializing in Career Coaching through online video sessions.

Career journeys come with hurdles. Our mentors, with diverse industry backgrounds, provide tailored strategies for your success. From crafting standout resumes to nailing interviews and refining leadership skills, they’ve got you covered.

These mentors are your guides, helping you tap into your full potential. They assist in navigating job shifts, boosting leadership qualities, and planning a path that matches your goals. Discover the impact of personalized coaching, designed just for you. Let our skilled Career Coaches steer you toward success, giving you the skills and confidence to reach your professional milestones.

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