Startups and Entrepreneurship

Startups and Entrepreneurship

90% of startups fail! The good news is that almost all the mistakes can be avoided with the guidance of an experienced mentor!

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Assaf BD

Assaf BD


Award Winning Leadership, Career & Startup Mentor with over 10 years of experience.

Anthony N Fiore

Anthony N Fiore


I help business' owners with growth, management and operations - aimed at a successful exit

Parker Witmore

Parker Witmore


Two time startup founder with 10+ experience in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Rachel Fabian-Edelman

Rachel Fabian-Edelman


Startup & Networking Mastermind with 13 years of experience (Ex Citi Bank)

Creating a startup is hard! Statistically about 90% of startups fail – so the cards are stacked against you! But the good news is that almost all the common mistakes can be avoided if you have the guidance of an experienced mentor who has expertise in the field of Startups and Entrepreneurship!

Our mentors bring invaluable expertise, guiding you through the intricacies of launching, growing, and scaling your venture. They can help you with ideation, market validation, business models, POCs & MVPs, Pitch deck preparation, pitching, funding, marketing and much more.
Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or seeking to level up your startup game, our mentors offer personalized sessions to refine your vision, troubleshoot challenges, and drive success. Book your sessions today and turn your startup dreams into reality!

Why our clients love us

Ryan Mckenny

Category: Career Development
Happy to provide this review! Booking a session took me 3 minutes flat, mentor was a rock star and
the customer support was VIP. I’m definitely coming back – soon!

Tessa Mason

Category: Love and Relationships
I wasn’t sure about talking about my personal relationship, but after browsing the website, I found someone really nice!
She was really helpful, showed empathy, and helped me understand things much better!

Jenny Cardiff

Category: Astrology and Fortune Telling
I’ve always dreamed of talking to a fortune teller but wanted someone I could trust. Within 4 minutes I’d already booked a session
and had an eye opening tarot card session which was a lot of fun. I’ve already booked the next session. Thank you!

Simon Weller

Category: Astrology and Fortune Telling
One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. The website was easy to use, support was incredible (got a response from support within the hour), and the 2 sessions that I had were well worth the money! Definitely coming back.

Emily Stephenson

Category: Leadership and Career Mentoring
Carmit was a legend. I’ve been stuck in the same position, missed 2 promotions and about to quit. Carmit made everything
seem so simple, and after 3 sessions I was in an entirely different state of mind with actionable goals. Don’t think twice, book – it will change your life!

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